Responsive Web Design
Professional creation of interactive 360 degree aerial panoramas and virtual tours, 3D modeling and mapping services, content creation for virtual museums.
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Responsive Web Design

Imagine website that looks good across any device – from computer monitors to tablets and smartphones. It ensures easy reading, adjustable navigation, flexible images and thus dramatically reduces resizing, panning and scrolling on mobile devices. This is what’s called responsive web design, an approach that renders flawless viewing experience no matter what device a person is using.

Responsive design addresses different strategic issues. There’s no more need to maintain a “mobile” version of the website or invest into pricey mobile apps that basically duplicate website content. One single URL as a gateway to your website makes for stronger performance and gives better chance for higher SEO ranking.

You concentrate all your traffic in one resource, without that extra effort spent on running anything else.

Increasingly popular, this format is yet to become a new standard on the web, the “industry best practice” according to Google. It is estimated that by 2015 about half of all Internet usage will be powered by portable devices. Is your website ready for this?

Who can benefit:
As soon as you think about building or re-designing your online presence, think responsive. This is what every website will need to be in the very near future.


We offer:

– attractive and functional responsive websites, no matter how big or small is your project

– custom solutions for corporate and not-for-profit organizations

– easy-to-use WordPress content management system (CMS)

– editorial support & content publishing

– WPML multi language plugin integration

– online marketing strategy & SEO

– technical support & hosting


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