What We Do


Our studio offers complex solutions for production and delivery of interactive audiovisual products to online and offline audience. We create content, provide content publishing tools and ensure that the end product reaches its target audience.

On the content side, we seek to create immersive virtual environment that both visually presents a location or activity and conveys its atmosphere in a possibly saturated and profound way. To do so we use various media formats – high-resolution HDR 360º panoramic images, illustrative photographs and animated slideshow, aerial imaging, commentary, sound, video, 3D models, zoomable 3D objects, maps etc – all merged together in comprehensive virtual tours and interactive stories.

We also offer an array of options for further distribution and promotion of ready products both online and offline. This includes, among other, development of responsive websites, mobile applications, social media solutions, promo media publishing and innovative turn-key multimedia stands for public spaces.