360° Objects and Expositions

Artworks or museum exhibits, fashion garments and industrial design products, trendy electronics, handmade produce, innovative packaging, cars, exclusive jewelry… there are countless cases when a high-quality and all-embracing visual presentation of a product becomes vitally necessary. Fine alternative to traditional photography are 360° product photography – format that allows exploring an object from any side, all the way around it.

Interactive image is another captivating format for demonstrating large size, high-resolution pictures. With this tool you empower your visitor to explore an image down to every detail, as if he or she would do it with a magnifying glass in hand. Not just that, you can add multimedia context to it – attach comments, photos, sound, short video etc. to the whole image or selected elements. Interaction with the image can go even further – parts of the image can “revive” dramatically using animation or video.

Who can benefit:

Museums and galleries, art dealers and antique shops, product and packaging designers, advertising agencies and manufacturers of virtually anything – from watches to helicopters.

We offer:

  • high-quality 360° product photography, 3D objects and interactive images


  • seamless integration of 360° objects into your website or mobile application


  • 360° object integration as AR (augmented reality) in museum expositions

High Resolution 360° object samples