360° Panoramas & Virtual Tours

360° panoramic images have become yet another common photo format over the last few years. It is much appreciated for its documentary precision and “immersion” effect visitor finds himself or herself in the centre of panorama, able to look around a place as if he or she would do it in real life.

Panoramas made it possible to virtually visit places most of us wouldn’t have even dreamed of  – climb world’s tallest mountains or dive deep into the oceans, visit royal residencies and scientific labs, explore wild nature, take part in cultural events and see people’s daily life around the globe.

For a more comprehensive context, panoramas are often merged into interactive virtual tours when two or more images are arranged into walking sequence, guiding visitor from one scene to another through hotspots. Illustrative photographs and photo galleries, live sound, narration or background music, short video reels or 3D models, maps and plans, titles and descriptions – can all be added to panoramas within a virtual tour. Ultimately your virtual tour can make for a truly unique visiting experience, something your customers would want to share far and wide.

Our involvement into panoramic photography spans over a decade now, we’re happy to have been one of the pioneers of this exciting format in Eastern Europe. During this time we have collected a wealth of panoramas taken in most different settings. Some of our works are published at international panoramic resource 360CITIES.NET

We offer:

– high definition, high-dynamic range (HDR) spherical 360 degree panoramic images of any complexity

– ground, elevated (up to 15 m) and drone aerial panoramas

– interactive virtual tours that work on all devices and platforms, including iPads, iPhones & VR Headseats

– creative solutions for specific cases – theatrical and art projects, historic re-enactments, museums etc.

– 3D panoramas transformed into 2D format for printing – “unfolded” 360° views and “little planets”

– production of supporting media – photographs, audio and video recording, 3d modeling, copy-writing

– integration into social media channels