3D AR reconstruction of the historical portal in Old Riga

20 Mar 2023, Posted by vil in

On the basis of old photograph and 3D scanning of partly preserved elements we created 3D reconstruction of one of the most inspiring door portals in Old Riga. 3D model is made in low-poly light-weight mode to ensure best performance on mobile devices. ...

Latvia Inside – AR 3D historical app

18 Mar 2023, Posted by vil in

Development of AR location-based service for Latvian historical monuments and art projects. This Augmented Reality application started with a 3D reconstruction of the Horse Stable of the Preili Manor. To see the AR 3D reconstruction the visitor will need to physically visit the site and scan...

Animated historical steam train 3D visualisation

27 May 2022, Posted by vil in

This 360° VR experience was created for the Valmiera city museum to show the history of an iron bridge. Nowadays this bridge serves as pedestrian connection between two parts of Valmiera city. However some 100 years ago it was a railway bridge used by steam...

3D reconstruction of castle hall

25 May 2022, Posted by vil in

Recently we participated in project for 3D historical reconstruction of the castle hall. The task was to recreate the atmosphere of Christmas party of beginning of 20. century. On the basis of old photographs we made the interior of the hall and filled it with...

Strelnieku 4b | real estate

19 Jan 2020, Posted by vil in

Full marketing package for real estate development project "STRELNIEKU 4b" for developer company HEPSOR. Branding, WEB, 3D visualistion, 360° virtual tour, property sales management system. Project website -

Rundale Palace & Garden 3D model

05 Jan 2014, Posted by vil in

The Rundāle Palace Museum has undertaken the task of bringing the palace complex back to its former glory. This task includes the restoration of buildings and rooms as well as their interior decorations and furnishings.  ...