AVALON HOTEL & Conferences 360° virtual tour

16 Jan 2024, Posted by vil in

360° virtual tour made for AVALON HOTEL & Conferences in Riga. In this virtual tour is presented all kind of hotel rooms and bathrooms, conference spaces, breakfast area and lobby bar. Virtual tour is prepared as web application and also as offline apps for PC...

360° virtual tour of the Riga TV Tower

04 Sep 2023, Posted by vil in

Virtual 360-degree tour of the Riga TV Tower. The visitor of the virtual tour will get to such places of the TV tower that are not accessible on a daily basis – for example, the outer platforms of the tower, the control center and even...

360° virtual tour of the Riga Stradins University

02 Jun 2023, Posted by vil in

Virtual 360 degree tour of Riga Stradins University created to present the university to the Latvian and foreign students. Virtual tour contents several sections with high quality 360 degree panoramas enhanced with integrated hot-spots - text, image galleries, etc. ...

Riga Free Port 360° virtual museum

26 May 2022, Posted by vil in

This 360° virtual museum exposition we created for the Riga Free Port. Virtual tour exposes improvised maritime classroom with integrated 360° zoom-able exhibits. Virtual classroom is connected via portal to the icebreaker ship VARMA where you can explore the ship and listen to the audio...

Educational 360° virtual tour game

26 May 2022, Posted by vil in

This educational 360° tour game we created for Latvian State Forest company to teach kids whats good and whats wrong to do in the forests. To success players have to find things that should not be in the forest. By searching these things players will...

LIBAVA historical sailer | 360° virtual tour

26 May 2022, Posted by vil in

Virtual tour of the authentic historic replica of a pleasure yacht of the 17th century. Build after prototypes of shallow-draught Dutch Herren yachts, three centuries ago such vessels made part of almost every royal fleet in Europe. To build an atmosphere of the tour we...

BMI Monier 360° roof tour

25 May 2022, Posted by vil in

360° virtual tour made for BMI Monier roof production company. The tour features the case studies for different roof materials letting the visitor jump from one roof to another comparing the materials and colours. ...

Strelnieku 4b | real estate

19 Jan 2020, Posted by vil in

Full marketing package for real estate development project "STRELNIEKU 4b" for developer company HEPSOR. Branding, WEB, 3D visualistion, 360° virtual tour, property sales management system. Project website -